Test: Do you have the right method of revisions?

From middle school students to students, there is a common stress: exams. To avoid the jitters overwhelm you, it is essential to have an excellent method of revisions. Yet, many students do not always do it the right way …

1. The exams are in a few weeks, you …

b) plan to start soon.

d) talk about it calmly. You work a little every night and have no gaps.

a) do not know the exact date of the exams, but that does not worry you, anyway.

c) stress. You have already started writing cards and spend your free time at the library to work.

2. Are you planning your revisions?

a) No, I prefer to trust my excellent work capacity.

c) Yes, I use a very demanding revision schedule to motivate me.

b) Yes, day to day.

d) I use a rather modest revision schedule.

3. What media do you use to review?

(b) Revision sheets, very synthetic.

a) I only use the courses, a reliable source.

c) From my classes, I make personal mini-interruptions.

d) I use all these techniques to vary the supports.

4. How much time do you spend on revisions?

c) A few weeks before the big exam.

b) I listen a lot in class, no need to review.

d) I reread my notes for about thirty minutes each evening.

a) I prefer to trust my talent!

5. Apart from your course re-readings, you are rather …

d) thoroughly in the annals and in the news.

b) always in the sorting of your notes.

(c) in the process of writing revision sheets.

a) playing video games to pass the time.

6. What alternative methods do you use?

c) I am always attached to educational software.

d) I use a lot of Internet and smartphone applications.

b) I revise a little thanks to social networks, between two pokes.

a) The alternative methods, it only makes me confused.

Calculate your results!

You have a majority of a:

Are you sure your method works? If you have never failed an exam, congratulations. If not, there are definitely things to review in your way of preparing your exams. You are not asked to simply give up your hobbies, just to find a good balance between the two …

You have a majority of b:

You make clear efforts to maximize the time you spend on your revisions, but something is still missing. Try to improve the way you organize to become more efficient.

You have a majority of c:

You have a good method of revisions, that’s good! However, do not put too much pressure when you work, it may become counterproductive. Take a step back on what you are doing, it will improve your understanding of the different notions.

You have a majority of d:

You have the ideal method! You are organized and review without putting pressure on you through regular work. Keep going. Good luck for your revisions!