How to evacuate the stress of exams?

Brevet, bac, partial, competition … or simple control?

The stress of the exams concerns any student, but still it is necessary to know how to manage it in order not to rot their life. digiSchool gives you his tips for coping with stress during exams!

Remember that being stressed is not that bad. There is indeed good and bad stress. The good stress will allow you to motivate yourself and give you the courage to overcome these exams while the bad stress is to be avoided to the maximum.

Build your trust capital

The first (and most effective) way to deal with exam stress is to build self-confidence. And it is a task that is far from simple.

The ideal is to be able to put all the work done since the beginning of the year in the service of his confidence. Avoid all the time depreciating yourself and thinking that you have not worked enough. Having taken the time to make revisions sheets to have followed your schedule of revisions should allow you to trust yourself.

This method is particularly effective in the weeks leading up to your exams to manage exam stress. Indeed, a good organization in the work makes it possible to avoid being overwhelmed by the events.

Avoid the rise of stress

The key moment for managing your exam stress comes a few days or hours before you enter the room.

Indeed, it is usually when one knows that it is too late to act that one panics the most. However, the logic would like on the contrary, we feel more serene: “anyway, nothing serves to panic since I can not do anything”! And it is towards this way of thinking that we must tend.

Because knowing how to manage your exam stress is paying off: 2 students of equal level will not have the same rating depending on how they manage stress.

Being fit on the day

The worst thing for any student would be to be paralyzed by stress on exam day. To avoid falling into this situation that could make you miss the exam, it is better to know some techniques to recover. To fight the stress of exams, we can for example use …

positive thinking: “everything is going to be okay”, “even if I miss this exam, so much do my best and be effective, it will allow me to save the furniture and to catch me on others”, and so on.

breathing: indeed, one of the basic manifestations of stress is jerky breathing and tremors. Ideally, when you have a stress test, take the time to breathe slowly and calmly, with your eyes closed, until you get back to normal.

Make a simple part of the partial in question. The fact of succeeding an exercise, even simple, restores self-confidence. If you start to stress, start with the simplest games to keep your spirits up!

Always remember that the stress of exams is a hellish spiral: the more you will be afraid to miss your part, the more you panic. And the more you panic, the more the fear of missing your exams will get worse. Finally, one of the best techniques for self-confidence is simply good. So you know what you have to do …