Write a research sheet in 3 steps

To revise, one of the best methods is still to make your own revisions sheets. Indeed, it allows you to reread your courses, to leave the most important information and to note them. Making revision sheets is already beginning to revise effectively since by noting the important ideas of the course, you are already starting to memorize it!

Not easy to make a review sheet! And yet, when exams approach, this can be very useful to save time and learn his lessons. digiSchool media gives you three steps to succeed your review sheets.

Remember only the essentials

To make a good review sheet, start by sorting your courses. Distinguish a specific point of the course that you can synthesize. For example, a list of dates or definitions to learn by heart. It can also be a mathematical demonstration that is likely to fall into the examination, a compilation of information about an author … In short, retain this simple formula: a review sheet = a subject.

Because the main pitfall in which students fall regularly when they prepare their exams is to reason only on the order given by the teacher during the course. Know that to make your revisions, you do not have to keep the same structure! On the contrary, reading your course and revision sheets must be two complementary ways of working!

Build your review sheet

The important thing in a review sheet is that it is CLEAR! She must compile key ideas and allow you to remember and learn more about a course. For that :

Note at the top the name of the subject and the semester concerned (always practical, especially if you wish to keep them later)

Number your revision sheets by subject, it allows to classify them

Indicates a clear title to your review sheet

In the body of the form, avoid writing sentences, even whole paragraphs. Try to stay as synthetic as possible, and especially readable

And, most importantly, do not forget that one of the interests of the review sheet is to save time! So, do not bother spending three weeks either …

Combined with the schedule of revisions, the revision sheets take on their full meaning. Indeed, all this set of techniques has as only interest to facilitate and make more effective your revisions. They are therefore to be used without moderation and to perfect. For example, do not hesitate to add a personal touch to a review sheet.

An effective method for preparing your exams

That said, one of the benefits of a review sheet is that it is itself useful for preparing exams. Indeed, if you are able to make well-structured revisions sheets, on the essential topics of your courses, it is that you already have perspective on your courses.

Then there is the interest and to be able to lighten your revisions, taking you out of the format “100 pages of courses written in very small”, which visibly discourages! For all these reasons, revision sheets are an indispensable tool for the preparation of exams and can pay in the long term.